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"The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it - basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them."

- Charles Bukowski (via psych-facts)

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There are old cruise ships that have been transformed into hospitals. These floating medial facilities travel along the coast of Africa to provide life-saving surgeries. Help support this awesome network with Sevenly this week!

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Josh is a 20 year old guy that I serve with on Sunday afternoons. This past Sunday, he asked me to pray for an elderly, homeless woman he had befriended. She was attacked and beat up badly the night before. I saw a picture and couldn’t believe anyone would do that to a defenseless old lady! It’s…

"I know now, Lord, why you utter no answer. You, yourself, are the answer. Before your face questions die away. What other answer would suffice?"

- C.S. Lewis (via jspark3000)

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"If you’re good at everything, you’re not groundbreaking at anything." — Snask
Watch the talk here and check out more quotes!

"Sometimes, we’re so focused on being consistent that we also lower the bar on amazing. After all, the thinking goes, if we can’t be amazing all the time, better to reset the expectation to merely good. Which robs us of the ability to (sometimes) be amazing."


Seth Godin (via thefearsarepapertigers)

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Unka Glen: The insight of heartbreak



Anonymous asked: Hey Unka! There is a guy I’m interested in, and I think he might be interested in me as well. However, I would say most of the times I’ve initiated the hangouts, and lately, I’ve been wondering if I should lay off and give him a chance to initiate. If he doesn’t, should I…

But is all this vulnerability and heartbreak meant to be part of the Christian life? Well, Jesus said, “If you love only those who love you, what reward will you get?” and then he told us to love even our enemies. So yeah, we’re meant to boldly love as we have been loved by God.

In the end, the question remains: how do I express all this? The good news is, if your heart is in it, and you’re expressing it to the right person, it really doesn’t matter. They’ll understand the language you’re speaking.”

I am:


I am Peter, 
Denying the Truth.
I am Thomas, 
Doubting the Truth.
I am Judas, 
Betraying the Truth.
I am a Pharisee, 
Killing the Truth.
I am the thief, 
Mocking the Truth. 

I am a sinner,
Freed by Truth. 
I am a hypocrite,
Loved by Truth.
I am a murderer,
Cleansed by Truth. 
I am a wretch,
Justified by Truth. 
I am a Child,
Adopted by Truth. 

- Christopher Glen

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"To attempt mastery of everything inevitably leads to mediocrity."

Simon Collison, Designer, Writer, & Partner at Fictive Kin
speaking at CreativeMornings/NewYork(*watch the talk)